Improving Alite

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Alite is out now, but there are still a lot of ideas, which I'd like to implement... Below is a list of things I'm dreaming of doing in Alite. I just don't know when I find the time :). Maybe you would like to implement something, too?! No problem: Go over to github check out Alite, and begin coding :). If you need help, don't hesitate to post in the forum.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Improve AI for attackers and friendly traders:
    • Better attack routines: Not just jousting. Attackers might come around and attack from behind or the side, they might evade, follow (more) canned movements, ...
    • Better missile AI; they take too much time to hit and fly around stupidly...
    • Friendly traders should act "more naturally" (i.e. evade better if attacked, try to outrun the attacker, ...)
    • upon being attacked, traders might drop cargo and flee, in the hope that the player goes for the cargo
    • the dropped cargo might be booby-trapped and explode to destroy the greedy player
    • AI might use hyperspace jumps to flee
  • let ships be "neutral" at first and during the game, they might decide, based upon the player's "rating", if they are going to attack him, or maybe even going to trade with him (or exchange news)
  • Let _all_ ship types be used as traders (with the possible exception of Thargoids); let all ship types be used as enemies
  • Persist ship state: When launching from station, restore ship positions; this gives a more "natural" feel to the environment
  • Create factions, let the factions do battle against each other, and let the player choose sides (i.e. as long as he doesn't fire a shot, he's neutral)
  • Model universe differently, so that really remote planets/systems can exist, which are different (and less frequented by other ships) from the core worlds
  • ... I'm open to all your ideas: Just stop by the forum... :)


  • Switch to a dynamic rendering pipeline, i.e. OpenGL ES 2.0; this means rewriting the entire graphics routines...
  • Better sound effects
  • Improve 2D graphics: need for better icons
  • Implement a missile camera view
  • Implement a "free camera", controllable independantly of the ship (see gyroscope attempt in the experimental branch on github)
  • Add glow to stars
  • Lense flares
  • Show damaged ships
  • Correct lighting
  • Mipmaps
  • Add dirt and decals to textures, so that ships of the same type look different
  • Automatic Launch Sequence
  • Automatic Docking Sequence
  • Make transitions from/to hyperspace jump, instead of hard cutting between the screens
  • Load models/textures in background so that no "hick-up" occurs when loading the objects
  • Devise an object file format, so that ships can easily be extended; probably the Oolite format will do
  • Do not spawn Asteroids in the field of view of the player (don't let them pop up suddenly)
  • Create an enter from hyperspace/leave to hyperspace effect for other ships
  • ... I'm open to all your ideas: Just stop by the forum... :)


  • Compute star background image according to actual systems in the current galaxy
  • Force player to hold the direction during hyperspace countdown; if the player diverges too much, abort hyperspace
  • Additional Equipment Item: Fuel Injectors (which allow you to bypass friendly traders or enemies with the torus drive at the expense of fuel) [1.4.0 comes with TimeWarp, which makes FuelInjectors useless]
  • Additional Equipment Item: Separate Cooling for all lasers
  • Save the commander data 'to the cloud', so that commanders can be shared between devices
  • More missions, possibly at different triggers (Trumbles for example)
  • Landing on planets would be cool:
    • Trade/interact with locals
    • Explore remote worlds
    • Mine for rare minerals
    • ...
  • Adequate End sequence (James? You here? :))
  • Controller Support (not only for controlling the ship, but for the complete game)
  • More ratings ("Very Dangerous", "Very Deadly", ...)
  • Different mission type: Spawn "canned" missions on selected (random) systems, e.g.:
    • Destroy the group of pirates
    • Escort this ship to...
    • Deliver this good to...
    • ...
  • Introduce Rock Hermits where the player can trade ships
  • Generation Ships (a model already exists in the source)
  • Space Dredgers
  • Optionally let the player choose between Amiga generation ("hoopy casinos" for Lave) and Classic generation ("Laveian tree grub")
  • Vary trade items "somehow" (different forms of Wine, Textiles, whatnot...)
  • OXP support, at least to support new ships, different color schemes, and missions...
  • Exit-Button to return to the system screen without having to push the "home" button [Done, since version 1.3.0]
  • ... I'm open to all your ideas: Just stop by the forum... :)

As you can see, the list is quite extensive, but by no means complete... If you have other ideas, drop me a line; if I like it, I'll add to the list --- and if I find time, I might actually implement some of this stuff...