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The intro video for Alite can be seen here.

Listen to the Blue Danube arrangement made by Chris Huelsbeck here.

Here are a couple of gameplay videos from Alite:

Gameplay Video 1: Introduction Tutorial by Quelo
Gameplay Video 2: Equipment, selecting a target world, buying, and library
Gameplay Video 3: Flight, Combat, and Docking

And more gameplay videos (with commentary):

Part 1, Ship Intro Screen and Status:
Part 2, Trading:
Part 3, Flying (a little coarse, sorry):
Part 4, Selling and Equipping:
Part 5, Academy:
Part 6, Showing off some equipment and docking automatically:

If you want to view Chris Huelsbeck's Twitch show where Alite was presented, you can do so here.

Here are some screenshots of Alite:

A Coriolis Space Station with its docking bay clearly visible.

A lucky Commander is fleeing his badly damaged ship with an escape capsule. It was probably not the Sidewinder, which had damaged the Cobra so much; maybe the Sidewinder was just a decoy? The B-class star in the background will soon be hidden by a vast explosion.

Here we see young Commander Jameson at the start of his career - he is probably looking for Commander Quelo, so he can learn to fly his Cobra.