Alite 1.4.8: More Accelerometer issues, Difficulty level

Error message

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Most devices work wonderfully with the new accelerometer controls introduced in 1.4.6. However, at least one device (namely the Nexus 10), does have problems with the new controls. So, I have now implemented the "Alternative accelerometer" control method, which is nothing but the _old_ accelerometer control (which works quite well on the Nexus 10). I'd like to sort out these control issues once and for all, but apparently, the topic is rather difficult. I hope that with the current work-around, all people are happy.

If you experience problems with the accelerometer control, please do drop me a line and I'll try my best to sort it out.

Version 1.4.8 also lets you control the difficulty of Alite; so if you are shot to pieces too often, you can now select an easier difficulty, or, if you are not challenged enough, you can try the hard or very hard settings...

You can download version 1.4.8. here (as the all-in-one-solution) or in the PlayStore, which is preferable, unless your phone has problems with expansion files.