Another week, another Bug


I have been finding quite a bunch of "small" bugs in Alite recently; makes me wonder how the first version could have worked at all :)

This week, I tested Alite on a new Sony Xperia E (which is a Christmas present for my wife's uncle -- but *hush* don't tell him :)), and while the overall image quality isn't grand, due to the resolution and size of the display, Alite works in general. However, switching from the "Status" to the "Local" screen, I saw this:

The background wasn't cleared when switching to the "Local" screen (or the "Galaxy" screen). Investigating, I quickly found the bug, but it's still interesting: In the "Galaxy" and "Local" screens, and also in the "ShipIntroScreen", I am clearing the background by calling glClear(0), instead of using glClear(0xFF000000) -- so, in theory, I am clearing the screen with a transparent background, instead of a black one. So, it's actually strange that this bug doesn't occur on more devices... I assume that it affects other devices, too, though.

The fixed version 1.3.4 is available from the PlayStore and the all-in-one solution can be downloaded here.

Alite 1.3.3 fixes the broken tutorials "Trading" and "Basic Flying"


With Alite 1.3.0 I broke the two existing tutorials "Trading" and "Basic Flying". They are now fixed in version 1.3.3.

You can download the all-in-one solution here:


Alite 1.3.2 fixes a bug in the equipment screen


For those of you, who play with "animations: off", Alite 1.3.2 fixes a bug in the equipment screen. The single file version can be downloaded here:

Alite 1.3.1 released


Today, I have uploaded the "official" 1.3.1 release of Alite. In addition to the enhancements of 1.3.0, there are a few bugfixes:

  • In screens larger than 1920x1080 the library and disk screens now work correctly
  • When you set the laser to single shot, you can now change speed while firing a laser
  • If you enter hyperspace while you're using the torus drive, the torus drive sound will stop
  • If you tap the cursor right symbol, the overlay is now correctly positioned

The 1.3.1 release is also available on the PlayStore. Due to the graphical changes (Quit button, mainly), the expansion apk file had to be updated, too. So, the update is ~420 MB large. Sorry about that.

The single file version is, as usual, available directly from this site. Download it here.

Have fun!

Alite 1.3.0 "Release Candidate"

I have uploaded an "unofficial" 1.3.0 here.

It seems to be stable, but I did not have enough time to test it on various devices, yet. My gut feeling is that is crashes more often on the simulator, which usually indicates a lurking bug...

There are a couple of improvements or new features in this version, though:

  • Bugfix: Memory leak in the equipment screen (if you tapped items randomly, for a while, the game crashed).
  • Quit-Button: Since several players requested it, Alite now comes with a "quit" button. Android, however, does not "really" quit applications. They continue running in the background, until the system decides it's time to kill them... So, the safe way to quit Alite (or any app, actually), is to manually kill it from the list of recently used apps.
  • Commander Gehling's requested button layout is implemented (see and you can activate it using Options/Control Options/Linear Layout: Yes (it's off by default)
  • When you tap an item once in the buy screen, it now tells you the (galaxy wide) average price of this good. If you tap an item once in the inventory screen, you will see exactly how much you are going to gain or lose by performing this transaction.

And I am currently working on a "guided docking" feature. The general idea is that you can choose to pay a fee when approaching a station to let the "station hands" dock your Cobra automatically. I am still in the process of balancing this, though, and I need some more assets for it, too... So, it's still work in progress and cannot yet be seen in 1.3.0.

It will take a while until this version makes it to the Play Store, though. Real life currently is quite busy... Sorry folks!

Recording of Alite on Twitch


We had a lot of fun playing through different versions of Elite on Chris Huelsbeck's Twitch channel yesterday...

If you want to see the whole show, you can do so here: Alite on twitch.

Or, if you'd just like to see some more in-game videos (with explanations), check out the Alite videos, which were presented in the show yesterday:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5 (missing in the show):
Part 6 (remixed, so that the audio is not overpowering):


Today (2015/11/20) Alite on Twitch



tonight, Friday, November, 20th, 2015 at 9pm CET, I will present Alite on Chris Huelsbeck's Twitch Channel...

Come and join us, you might find out something about Alite that you haven't heard before :)


Bug in the All-In-One-Solution


For all those of you that are using the "All-In-One-Solution" downloadable from the download section on this web-site: A corrupt png texture file of the Viper caused the game to crash whenever a Viper was being rendered... (Ouch!)

This only affects the version(s) downloaded directly from this web-site, so if you downloaded Alite from the PlayStore, you don't need to worry.

If you have installed the "SFI" version (check options/about, if you're unsure. It reads either "OBB" or "SFI"), you might want to upgrade to the latest version available here.

Sorry about that...

Alite 1.2 released


I finally fixed the "vanishing objects" bug. As usual, it was a quite simple reason, but hard to find... Also, Alite finally works on the Nexus 9, Nexus 10, and on the Hudl! I had to remove the Alite-Logo from the screen that's displayed after the intro, because the logo crashed some devices (which is strange, because the same logo is loaded in the About Screen and there it works flawlessly). I'm still investigating, but for now, Alite won't crash anymore (at least not for that reason :)).

So, give it a whirl :). Download it from the Playstore (, or download the all-in-one version from the download area:

Have fun!

Bug Hunt


Good news: I am finally able to reproduce the problem, which has been reported from several devices: Vanishing objects!

I haven't found the bug, yet, but I am closing in. Also, I can now reproduce the crash right after the intro and have found a work-around (but no fix, yet). So, bear with me another week or two and I'll be uploading a new version, which will then hopefully work with all devices (including the Hudl 2, Nexus 9, Nexus 10).


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