Source Code Released


The complete source code of Alite can now be found on github:

It's licensed under GPL v3, so you can use it for whatever open source project you like. Have fun :)

I am planning to write a couple of "guides", detailing the architecture and specific parts of the source, but I can't see when I'll find time for that. So for now: Just have fun, peeking around... And if you have any questions, post in the forums :)

Delays, Delays...


Originally I planned to publish Alite's source this weekend, but I did not find enough time to do so... Sorry! I will have to postpone it to next weekend. According to my schedule, I _should_ have enough time, then. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, however, I fixed the last-minute bugs in Alite and checked for new bugs. I didn't find any, so I am currently uploading version 1.1.1 to the playstore (and I will be updating the all-in-one-version shortly thereafter).

No news on the Nexus 9/10 front, though. I'm still hunting that bug.



Update 1.1 was a little premature, it seems... I have introduced two bugs: The buttons on the Ship Intro Screen are no longer resized to the display size of the used device, and, more importantly, the game crashes frequently when the game state is restored (i.e. after you press "home" or "lock") -- so please be sure to save your game before leaving Alite (if possible).

I have already fixed those bugs and will provide a new update soon -- this time, I'll make sure, though, that I did not introduce any new bugs. Sorry about that!

Alite Update 1.1: Chris Huelsbeck's 'Blue Danube' is here


Chris has completed his arrangement of the Blue Danube and I have integrated it into Alite 1.1! You can now download Alite 1.1 from the PlayStore (if you don't get an automatic update that is). Please visit

I have also made some minor bugfixes in this version, but not as many as I would have liked: In the middle of the update process, my hard drive crashed -- badly! Out went the fuse and a strong scent of burning electronics is still hanging in the air (I am completing these lines on my wife's computer). Fortunately, no Alite-data has been lost: I had everything in my SVN, but now I really need to look for a new computer *sigh*...

As for Nexus 9 users: Well, the good news is, that you can now download a version of Alite, which includes the "ShipIntroScreen" -- but is missing the Alite logo, which for some unknown reasons still causes the Nexus 9 (and the Nexus 10) to crash. I'm investigating... Moreover, objects in Alite will occasionally become invisible on the Nexus 9. No clue, why that happens... Sorry... Anyway: If you want a glimpse, the new Nexus 9 (or 10) version is here.

In lieu of these events, I am going to release Alite's source code much earlier. I'm thinking about next week-end or so. Then you guys can have fun with it and improve Alite to your liking :).

Alite version 1.0 released


Alite is here!

You can download Alite from the PlayStore ( or, should you experience problems with the PlayStore version, you can also download Alite from this web-site:

Have fun!


Alite Release Countdown -- 4 Days to go


In only 4 days, Alite is finally going to be available to all of you.

In the last two weeks, I have been busy fixing some bugs and getting the Library in Alite up to speed, so that you can enjoy a textual reference of the universe you are exploring.

I have also added some more content to this web-site, and you are already welcome to register and post in the forums. So, if you have any questions: Shoot!

Alite Release Countdown -- 18 Days to go


Alite version 1.0 will be released on August, 5th, 2015.

At least: That's the plan :).

Most of the coding is finished by now, but I am waiting to include a very special sound track. For the docking sequence the famous composer

Chris Huelsbeck

will compose a rendition of the Blue Danube exclusively for Alite!

As soon as I have this piece on my hard drive, I will integrate it into Alite and release it immediately.

While we wait for Chris to finish his work, I will update this web site and provide additional information about Alite, about the process involved getting Alite to its current state, and I will also upload screen shots and video material.

So stay tuned!

Cmdr Stardust



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